RZR Axia Alloys 17" Rearview Mirror

RZR Axia Alloys 17" Rearview Mirror
Item# MV-RZR-AXIA17-B-175
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Product Description

RZR Axia Alloys 17" Rearview Mirror
RZR 800 2008-2014
RZR-S 800 2009-2014
RZR XP 900 2011-2014
RZR 570 2012-2015
RZR-4 800 2010-2014
RZR XP4 900 2012-2014 RZR XP 1000 2014+
RZR XP 4 1000 2014+
RZR 900 2015+
RZR S 900 2015+

Axia panoramic mirrors offer the best rearward visibility, once we tested them we had to sell them, they are the best bar none. Anodized black. Mount it either ahead of the bar or behind the bar depending how close you want it to your eyes.

The Axia alloys 17 billet panoramic rearview mirror offers the widest non distorted viewing angle of any mirror on the market. This mirror is like mounting an HD widescreen to your rollcage and makes all other 3 panel wink mirrors obsolete. Its ultra thin lightweight design offers an adjustable mounting width as well as multiple mounting positions for installations either in front or behind your rollcage. This mirror also utilizes our modular strap clamps that are extremely low profile for clearance of roofs and other accessories.

NOTE: In pictures, one mount is on the inside of the mirror and one is on the outside, it's your choice how you want to mount it, picture shows both ways.

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