36 Inch Blackstone Griddle Cover Lid - Diamond Plate Aluminum

36 Inch Blackstone Griddle Cover Lid - Diamond Plate Aluminum
FITS: Fits 36" Blackstone Griddle, Fits Properly, No Side Gaps for Vermin to Make a Home on Your Griddle
WOOD HANDLE: Wooden Handle for Heat Protection, Not Metal
REAR HANGERS: Two Hangers to Store Lid on the Back While Cooking
NOT THE WHOLE THING: Lid Storage Cover Only - Griddle Not Included
NO RUST: Made in USA from Diamond Plate Aluminum - Won't Rust - USA

- This storage cover fits a 36 inch wide Blackstone Griddle.
- Made from Diamond plate aluminum, the storage cover perfectly fits your 36" Blackstone griddle for indoor or outdoor storage.
- Will help protect your iron griddle surface from rusting when stored outside.
- Made in the USA.
- Made from aluminum, so it won't rust and features a wood handle for heat protection.
- Two hangars are included to hang cover off the back of your griddle while cooking.
- Note, this is not designed to be used as a lid while your griddle is on, it's a storage cover.
- Also doubles as a serving top when griddle is turned off, makes a nice table top surface for serving.
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