2" PRP 4.2 Harness with Automotive Style BuckleZoom

2" PRP 4.2 Harness with Automotive Style Buckle

Item# MV-PRP42
This PRP 4.2 harness comes with 2" lap and shoulder belt widths, automotive style buckle, and features a 4-point configuration. Safety is the most important aspect when riding and adding harnesses to your UTV and off road vehicle is a must. This PRP harness comes with black anodized hardware and black pads sewn into the shoulder harnesses. PRP harnesses feature EZ adjusters for the shoulder straps that make it super easy to tighten the harness. Instead of having to pull webbing and pull up or down on the adjuster, it is spring loaded so that you can un-latch it, easily adjust the length of the webbing, and quickly latch it again, providing safe and easy way to secure yourself or other riders in the vehicle. It also features an automotive style latch and the shoulder harnesses are sewn to the lap belt for easy latch and unlatching without having to find 4 or 5 different individual belts and latch them in with the standard, racing latch and link style buckle.

The lap belts on this harness are designed to bolt to the factory seat belt mounts on your vehicle. The shoulder straps are designed to wrap around the roll cage bar behind the seats. This harness also comes with two tabs on the two shoulder straps, handy to bolt to your 2-Door RZR's roll cage bar. If you don't need them take them off and simply wrap harness straps around bar with slide lock.

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